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Sunday, September 14, 2008

anyone can choose their friends... but we always choose the best poeple that can help us grow. here are some of the ways that might help you get away with those nasty bad influenced friends.

Site the bad habits that these bad friends have.
try to think of a way to get away from them, sometimes it is hard to confront them that you don't want to be with them and that might cause instant enemies.
always remember, if these friends let you do bad things and let you be indulged with bad stuff then ask help from your parents.
if you are hurt or depressed because they have mistreated you, you can talk to a TRUE AND CARING FRIEND that you have. you can know them, they are simply the ones who doesn't let you do bad things. they are also the ones wh is always there for you. especially on hard times.
try to make new friends... know the type of friends you want to meet, list it down if you like. have faith in yourself, you will have caring friends, just look around you.

* love yourself first.
* spend time with yourself.
* respect yourself.
* give yourself a chance to hang-out with your family.
* if you are still a student, try concentrating on your studies first.
* make a hobby that you will surely love.

if these nasty people kept on bothering you, ask for help to the people whom you think can protect you.


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