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Monday, September 8, 2008

Do you find yourself stereotyping others just because they're different than you? Do you want to change that? Look no further-this article will help you.

Get to know people in different social groups. If you find yourself liking these person, then maybe that will help you to not judge. Be a "floater" don't be afraid to branch out.
Try not to apply certain characteristics to groups of people. For example, it is wrong to assume that all gangsters do drugs, or all preps are stuck-up, as this might not be the case.
Be nice to everyone. Just because someone wears black, it doesn't change the fact that they're a nice person.
Don't ever try and change anyone. If the girl sitting next to you happens to be wearing emo-ish clothes, then don't try and do a "makeover" on her. It is her choice to dress this way, and she isn't telling you to dress like her, so lay off and let her be who she wants. Respect people's decisions.
Don't mock people if they happen to like different things then you. Remember, everybody's different.
Convince your friends to join in and stop hating on people because of their social groups.

* Stay true to yourself.
* Don't worry about popularity.


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