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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Are you the kind of person who travel a lot? Or maybe, you work in kind of fall weather like place. And you couldn't even wear the new dress that is been staying at your closet that you have bought for how many months now. But if you do wear a dress at work, you have to cover up those legs with anything just keep warm?
Cabin_cuddler The Cabin Cuddler is here to rescue you from your misery, and is a light weight travel blanket with a foot pocket and a shoulder wrap that keeps you warm in a cold airplane cabins, on a car trips or even just curled up at home.

You can bring Cabin Cuddler anywhere you go. You can use it as a blanket or you can use it to escape from a cold weather for warmer places.What really nice about cabin cuddler is, it packed up quick and hang easily on any kind of laugage.And it actually comes with reversible micro fleece tote bag and blow up pillow to keep you germs free and comfortable.

Cabin Cuddler is the 6 in one travel blanket and pillow. Click the links above and buy your own Cabin Cuddler to keep you warm. Buy two or more and you will get free shipping on your entire order. And it's in affordable price.

Sponsored by Cabin Cuddler


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