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Friday, August 8, 2008

Packing light is one solution to the problem and challenges of air travel.

Take versatile clothes. Take clothes that can be worn several times, such as a blazer worn on the plane that can also go casual with jeans or be dressed up for dinner. Another practical piece is a denim shirt that can be worn as a shirt or light jacket, or over sleepwear as a robe. A different outfit for everyday is a travel luxury, it's a best to mix and match a few versatile pieces.

Choose thin items over thick. A light turtleneck combined with a light sweater is a warmer, more versatile option and packs smaller than a sweatshirt or bulky sweater.

Pack only the cosmetics needed. Cosmetics is often represent half the weigh of afully packed suitcase. Buy sample-size cosmetics or transfer the amount needed to a small container.

Take only three pair of shoes. Shoes are very bulky item. Wear one pair and pack two.


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