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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Have you ever sat on a one place and start smiling because you are reminishing things that happen in old days? I do, I start thinking about things when I was in high school back in Philippines.I had a group of friends when I was in high school, five girls and two boys. We all took the same electives which is Political Science and Theater Arts. We attended different class room but we took same electives at the same time. It was fun, we get along all together , we were like brother and sister. We care about each other. If someone messes up with one of our friend, we gang up on them on the person who pick on one of us ( not on the bad way though).

Old days in High school is very memorable. After we graduated high school ,we went in our seperate ways, some of us went to college and pursue a degree. We still visit each other and tried to hang out every weekend for a while . Usually there is time that each of us had plan for the future. After in a long run, some of us graduated college and had a great job( like manager of jolibee), some of us, gotten married and had a baby, some of us left the country and start a life. I am one of those who left the country. Eversince, seems like I lose my friend, because I am here in US and they are in philippine. We did still talk on the phone and letters to keep in touch. But there is times that we lose track of what was going on. I usually made an effort to visit them everytime I go back and visit my home country. I should have realized that people change, because some of my friend had change. I can't do anything about it, I don't hold the future.

Right now, I hardly hear from my friends back home anymore.But the good thing was, Once in a while one of my friend usually text me. That make me fell great. I know that people change and situation change. All I can do right now is remember the old good days. And when I come back and visit PI again, I will be visiting them.

I just wanted to share this with all my fellow blogger or whoever read my blog. Thanks for taking time reading what I wrote.


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