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Friday, August 1, 2008

Days, months pass by so fast. I didn't realized today is august fisrt. It's more than half a year already. Summer is almost over. How your 1st of august? Well, mine is doing ok i guess. Got up early , do my laundry did dishes on the sick. clean up , eat a little breakfast( I a not a breakfast eater). Started my day, log into my account at Social Spark. Got a message from Costumer love( CEO of SS ) one of my post got erjected it's because of the image being too big for my blog. It need to be showing to get approved. I tried resizing it down but the image wouldn't show when I tried changing the size of the image. I dont know what to do but to contact the costumer service of SS. Hopefully the will be able to assist me about it resubmit it for the second time.


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