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Friday, August 22, 2008

Are You Normal or Nuts? Nobody is perfect thats for sure. Every single person in this world has their own quirks. Some are cute and some needs a professional attention. I have to admit , I am among of those many people out there that have the kind of behavior, its very harmless though. Every time I placed an order at Jack in a Box . I usually order Jumbo Jack. I sometimes forget to tell them that I don't want tomato on my burger. I usually remove the tomato off and placed it into a napkin. I usually noticed people look at me, they probably wondering what am I doing. Removing tomato out of my burger. I don't like tomato on my burger. I think my behavior fall in a normal category.

Here is another one. My Mom usually covers her mouth every time she laugh about sometimes. I don't know why, not to mentioned that she got a nice teeth. I think that's a nuts or she just being self concious

I have read the articles at Reader's Digest and I have to admit some of quirk
made me laugh. I think its some of them are silly. Here is my favorite :I cannot eat certain big, tricky-to-bite things in front of people unless I know them very well. Facing a huge sandwich at a business lunch is a nightmare. And a floppy wet salad on a date? Forget it. That's odd, no? . I think this isn't odd at all. Sometimes we feel uncomfortable putting a bunch of food on our plate,specially when you are out for date,guy might think something negative.

To all the readers , if you want to have something to laugh about to brighten up your day visit Reader's Digest Laughs and share your opinion. Let's face it -- we're all a little nutty, but sometimes it's good to share it with the world and most of all, laugh about it!
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