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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Welcoming in a new month is a short activity that allows you to appreciate the passing of time.

Wait until the last five or ten minutes of the last day of the current month to begin. Please note that the day is slightly different each month.
Dress in the proper attire to go outside. If it is raining, wear a raincoat and/or carry an umbrella. If the month you are welcoming is in winter, wear a warm jacket. It is important to stay comfortable, so you can appreciate the moment.
Walk outside
Take some deep breaths. Take note of the temperature, cloud cover, and weather. Notice what you are wearing and how you are feeling. Are the trees budding or are the leaves beginning to fall? Is it seasonably warm or cold? What do you smell? Can you see the stars?
Remember back on the last time you welcomed in a month. How has the weather changed?
Think of what this new month will bring and remember back on the good times of the leaving month.
Go back inside, feeling quiet and calm.
Repeat all steps for the coming months.

* Music can enhance the moment or it may distract you, you can decide.
* Taking a friend who appreciates the moment can add to your happiness, but spending this time with someone who thinks it's silly can make you feel embarrassed.

* Some people may think you are strange and/or crazy if you tell them that the reason you are going outside at midnight is to welcome in a month, especially in the winter months when it is very, very cold.


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