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Friday, June 20, 2008

Avoiding razor burns seems a lot easier than dealing with a painful rash. The following includes information on treatment, skin care to avoid razor burn, and preventative measures. The old saying "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" is right.
Purchase good razors. The gender specific ones are really nice, but make sure they are affordable enough to make discarding them after a few uses. The more times you must go over the same area, the more likely you are to get razor burn.
Take your time; don't rush through. Shaving should be no more often than once a day at the end of or after a shower or bath. If the skin is softened from the steam, it will make your results much better. The razors weight should be enough pressure to take off the hair. You should not push into the skin.
Apply lotions 30 minutes after finishing your shower. This will allow for your pores to close before and minimize irritation.
Treat razor burn with aloe vera gel. The aloe vera allows for protection from the environment and has analgesic qualities that reduce swelling, soothe the irritation, and form a barrier which protects the skin from infection and promotes healing.
Cortisone cream will also help with the redness and discomfort

If you are unsteady in the shower while shaving, take a bath. This makes for greater stability when reaching distant areas and placing the razor at awkward angles.
Leave the shaving cream on for at least 1 minute before shaving, this allows it to do its JOB!
Avoid shaving if you have razor burn.


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