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Monday, June 30, 2008

Beauty, now that is a word that is strictly in the eyes of the beholder. And that old saying pretty is, is pretty does stands true too. However, we all want to look our best, that is most people do. As far as women goes that naturally inner glow can come to the surface, by feeling good about yourself. We'll soon touch on how to go about feeling good about yourself. To me the natural approach to beauty works best.

If you wake up on the wrong side of the bed and look in the mirror, but just don't like what you see...here's a few helpful tips that will brighten your day.
A nice pampering shower, using your favorite body soap or body wash works great, and isn't too expensive, especially if you buy items on sale...or depending on where you shop.
Pamper your hair by using a special shampoo and conditioner.
Give your feet a good scrubbing and later use foot cream.
Always keep your finger and toe nails in shape, add color or clear polish...it is up to you.
Facial scrubs work great on the hands too.
Apply some light makeup nothing heavy. Eyeliner, brozer, and lipgloss will do.
Wear your hair in a style that looks soft not stiff.
Put on some bright, lively clothes, especially if it is summer or spring. Play with fashion and be yourself.
You'll find that adding a smile to your day will make you beautiful.

* Leave bad thoughts at home and put forth a clean polished and happy you. It will make you look more radiant and confident.
* Smile and make others smile too.
* Don't let moody people bring you down.
* See How to Take the Time to Pamper Yourself


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