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Monday, June 2, 2008

Anyone in the world, big or small, fat or thin, black or white, can feel somewhat inferior to everyone else. These things we tell ourselves, that we aren't good enough, pretty enough or smart enough, are in no way based on facts. This article will go through simple steps through which you or anyone can overcome any inferiority complex you may face.

Bear in mind that every human being in this world is different; no one face or body is the same. Your 'inferiority' as you may refer to it, can also be seen as a unique or individual quality. What makes you feel these things are 'inferior' to everyone else? If there is no norm amongst human beings, how can there possibly be any form of inferiority?
Ignore what others may perceive of your 'inferiority', everyone you walk past in the steets and towns 99.9% pay no attention to you what so ever
If you have a complex about a specific body part, think hard about what makes them 'inferior' to everyone else's. Write this on paper if it helps. Seriously think about the logic of this; you're not going to seriously get stopped in the street for having what you think of as 'inferior' hands or feet.
not alone.

  • If your inferiority is physical, avoid looking in the mirror too much in the first stages.
  • Never refer to your differences as inferiorities!
  • Never listen to anyone who puts you down.
  • The mind-set to change
  • Good friends
  • Positivity


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