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Monday, June 16, 2008

Whether or not you want to try to raise funds for a cause that your and your school or community wishes to support, and how, will depend on local circumstances and what projects you are planning.

Decide on how you can best support the cause. You may want to raise funds for your own project that is aimed at furthering the cause, or you may want to get involved in raising funds for an organization that is supporting a cause you and your classmates or friends believe in. If you want to raise general funds for a cause, the best option is to do so on behalf of an established non-governmental organization. Many organizations have fundraisingcampaigns that involve local volunteers and projects. Always contact an organization in advance: you must have their official permission to raise funds in their name.
Raise funds in a clear, honest and directed way. Whether you are raising funds for an established organization or for a project of your own, through local events or by applying for a grant, remember the following guidelines:

The purpose for which you are fundraising must be absolutely clear.
Any money raised must be used for the stated purpose and no other.
You should keep careful accounts of any money you raise and what you spend it on, recording even the smallest amounts.
Any money raised must be kept safely, preferably in a bank account opened in the name of your group.
It may be a good idea to ask a responsible adult to 'audit' your accounts, so there can be no question of misuse of funds.
Select a way to raise the funds. There are many ways of raising funds, from simple collecting boxes and doing odd jobs to organizing sponsored walks and more elaborate events such as concerts and fairs. See the article Use School or Community Events to Raise Awareness for more ideas.

Fundraising is certainly not essential for effective action to support a cause: many successful information and education campaigns cost little or nothing but are dependent on enthusiasm, harnessing volunteer talent and receiving donations of time and materials from the volunteers involved. If you feel this is possible for what you are seeking to raise awareness for your cause, then this might be the better option for you to invest energies in.


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