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Thursday, June 26, 2008

This will give you instructions on how to become the center of any social situation, guaranteed!

Develop a sense of humor. Go watch a comedy show such as Monty Python or something - whatever it takes to develop a sharp wit. Hang out with friends who can withstand and keep up constant banter. Quick comebacks and hilarious comments on anything should become second nature.
Be courteous to everyone around you. Even though making fun of people can attract some attention, it is not a good idea. All that goes around comes around. Instead try to make fun of yourself with a funny story. Not only will this help people relate to you, it also gets them more interested in you and wanting to hear more.
Have something interesting to say. Keep up on current events and make sure that you know what you are talking about.
Use gestures and speak with varying inflections. No one wants to listen to a monotonous voice.
Don't lecture. Keep the things you say interesting, funny, and not too long.

* Keep a smile on your face. This will convey the whole "joking" thing to people...or does it?
* And if someone says something that hurts your feelings or something, come up with a snappy comment, and act like it didn't because they will take you down if they think they have hurt you.

* Be prepared to receive some insults and/or criticism directed your way. It should all be taken in good fun.


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