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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

You've packed away those bulky winter coats—but it looks like you've also packed on some extra bulk of your own. You want to thin down, but you don't have much time to exercise. What can you do?

Stick with cereal. It's important to eat a healthy breakfast, and you may lose even more weight by choosing cereal for your morning meal. In a recent study, people who ate cereal for breakfast every day were much less likely to be obese or have diabetes than those who didn't.
Enjoy the aroma. In a study , found that the more frequently people sniffed certain scents, the less hungry they were and the more weight they lost. The fragrances he used were banana, apple, and peppermint.
Go nuts. Instead of reaching for your staple snack, eat a handful of nuts. In a study , overweight adults who consumed a moderate-fat diet with almonds lost more weight than a control group who ate the same diet without the almonds.


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