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Friday, March 14, 2008

So you spent your youth smoking, eating doughnuts, or keeping the couch warm. Don't despair.

There are four simple steps middle-aged people can take to lower the risk of death in the ensuing four years by 40 percent -- even if they haven't been a health superstar to date. Live the Good Life
Make these modest changes to start undoing all the unhealthy things you did before:

* Eat more than five servings of fruit and vegetables daily. Search for fruit- and veggie-friendly recipes.
* Walk at least 2.5 hours a week. Find a walking buddy on our message boards.
* Shave your BMI to under 30; 24.9 is ideal
* Quit smoking. All Four Is Best

Try to take all four changes to heart -- it's your best shot at lowering your risk of heart disease.


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