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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sometimes we think that life is unfair. Because we got burdens, circumstance's in our lives. Life isn't easy to live in. There is up and down. Sometime the flow of our life is smooth and sometimes isn't. But it is up to us to maintain it. But sometimes no matter what we do life doesn't go that well. Sometimes it flows so smooth. "Life is what we make it". Once a very special person in my heart told . It's true we decide for our future. We make our decision our selves. Sometimes we regrets the things we decide, because we weren't sure if we really did the right things or not. And sometimes most of us make decision in a right way and we became happy all the way.But trial's in life... we can't help this to comes through our life. Sometimes it's really severe and we cannot fix it at all. And sometimes trial's come in a different way that we can fix it right away. So it's really up to us how to handle our lives . If we want to be miserable.. we will become miserable for the rest of our life. If we want to live our lives to be easy in a smooth way.. it will become smooth and easy but there is no such thing as perfect life. We all do have problem once in a while it is just up to us how we decide and how to Handel our lives.

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